The LuxAR Clear Blue is a high tech thin film vacuum coating placed on the front of the lens. The Blue Barrier HEV Blocking material is mixed into the plastic of the lens during manufacturing. Clear Blue REFLECTS the high energy blue while Blue Barrier ABSORBS it. Together they work harmoniously to create our signature Zero Blue!

When you remove blue from white light, the remaining colours combine to form green or yellow. “White” is the combination of ALL the colours. If you remove even one colour, you no longer have “white”.

The molecules that cause the colour to change rely on the UV light. If you block UV, you block the molecules ability to change colour. 

Yes but the intensity of the sun is so great that even with these lenses, it is not recommended to look at the sun and to limit your eyes exposure. 

Sun lenses typically are darker and not suited for indoor use. In addition, sun lenses (UV 400) do not block as much high energy blue light (UV 420). They serve different purposes.


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