Blue light emitted from most modern devices is associated with eye fatigue, sleeplessness and serious ocular damage. Zero Blue is a powerful combination of our Blue Barrier lens with our LuxAR Clear Blue coating for the most effective blue light protection available.


The LuxAR Clear Blue is a high-tech thin film vacuum coating placed on the front of the lens. The Blue Barrier HEV Blocking material is mixed into the plastic of the lens during manufacturing. Clear Blue REFLECTS the high energy blue light while Blue Barrier ABSORBS it.

The powerful combination of our LuxAR Clear Blue and Blue Barrier blocks harmful blue light without any tint!


Reflects UV & High Energy Light

Absorbs remaining harmful blue light

Minimized reflections

No tint

Easy clean (SuperClean oleophobic layer)

Anti smudge properties

Anti scratch properties


Prescription lenses

Non-prescription lenses

1.56 Index

1.58 Index (Poly)

1.6 Index

1.67 Index

What is a blue light blocker coating?

A blue light blocker coating protects the eyes from harmful blue light emitted by digital devices. It blocks and or reflects the light and can be put on both prescription and non-prescription glasses.

Also known as ‘computer glasses‘, the coating increases contrast, making it easier for the eyes to focus on a digital screen. Glasses with a blue light blocker can be used indoors or outdoors anytime of the day or night. 

What can a blue light blocker coating do for you?

  • Reduce digital eye strain when looking at a digital screen for long periods of time
  • Protect your retina
  • Improve contrast on your digital devices
  • Prevent the disruption of your circadian rhythm, your sleep-wake cycle, to improve sleep

Who is a blue light blocker coating suitable for?

Blue light blockers are suitable for both adults and children, whether you wear prescription glasses or not. It is particularly suitable for anyone who uses digital devices a lot such as students, office professionals, writers and gamers. Additionally, if you work night shifts, wearing a blue light blocking glasses will help prevent the disruption of your circadian rhythm. More than 80% of Americans report using devices before going to sleep disrupts sleep patterns.

The following age groups state they use digital devices for more than two hours per day:

While 78.3% of parents are somewhat or very concerned about the impact of digital devices on their child(ren), only 29.1% report taking their chil(dren) for an annual eye exam as part of back-to-school preparation.


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